Evangelism in more than 17 counties in Kenia

Evengelical Alliance Kenya



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Evangelism in more than 17 counties in Kenia
Evangelism in more than 17 counties in Kenia
Evangelism in more than 17 counties in Kenia
Evangelism in more than 17 counties in Kenia
Evangelism in more than 17 counties in Kenia
Evangelism in more than 17 counties in Kenia
Evangelism in more than 17 counties in Kenia
Evangelism in more than 17 counties in Kenia
Evangelism in more than 17 counties in Kenia
Evangelism in more than 17 counties in Kenia
Evangelism in more than 17 counties in Kenia

The Story

G.O.D. Report of the Evangelical Alliance Kenya

Many churches in over 17 counties in Kenya were working together to reach the lost.
5,794 pastors have been trained and prepared for evangelism through the "3 Steps" course. This resulted in many evangelistic activities and outreaches and 17,918 souls saved. (reports as of June 2016) 


Activities in various locations and churches:

- Street evangelism by the youth from different churches at the Central Business District Area.

- Hospital Ministry (Mbagathi Hospital) where many were ministered to, prayed over, and given different gift items.

- Uhuru Park street children Ministry was an interesting one. A certain number of street kids accepted Jesus as Lord and resolved to go back to school if assisted. One confessed of having been chased from home hence venturing into street life.

- Kibera vegetable vendor that got born again. As our team went through the Kibera slum sharing the Gospel, a woman beckons us and without much sharing she asks to receive Jesus as Lord and savior an indicative that the harvest was ready.

- Mombasa Evangelism to reach out to the Muslim community.

- Vihiga report where teams traversed regions to share Christ and bring many to the Lord.

- Kitale crusade where people were reached and transformed by the power of the Gospel.

- Langata Deliverance church and Voi town road shows that made declaration of Jesus being King and also pronouncing His love and imminent return.

- Youths of Bishop Jesse Ireri reached out to other youths and over 120 people gave their lives to Jesus

- Nairobi area Church of God picked three areas and dispatched teams of evangelism to share the Gospel and these were Mutindwa market, Jericho Market and Jericho environs where they reached to about 2,000 people, gave tracts, donated a few Bibles and fellowshipped in people’s houses. Churches have adopted the culture of reaching out and there are ongoing activities including training of entire congregations on 3 Steps and adopting hospitals and schools for ministry.

- Reverend Washington Odongi trained 100 Deliverance Church Pastors in Limuru on three Steps

- Nakuru-400 Pastors from different denominations were trained through the Deliverance Church who are EAK members

- Bungoma-Bumula G.O.D sensitization by EAK County officials

- House of bread Deliverance Church trained all home cell leaders on one-on-one evangelism approach

- Other areas where training was conducted include Lumakanda - where 50 churches were reached, Matete - 33 churches, Lugari - 46pastors, Lwandeti - 115 churches

- In Kwale -18churches were reached

- Kitui-living waters church where about 45 pastors attended.

- 39 pastors in Kajiado were trained for do door-to-door and other 50 got supplied with bicycles to cover ground for outreach. the 50 pastors


Sarah Kimani – EAK Secretariat Member

On realizing that my fellowship had not organized a joint Outreach, I took the honors upon myself, carried my Bible to go and share the Gospel on public vehicles. The impact was great as I saw other believers doing the same during Global Outreach Day in places I passed.

Pastor Jairus Webuye - EAK

G.O.D. is a timely initiative. Every place we went to share the love of Christ we realized the hunger and thirst for people to receive this Gospel and many accepted Jesus with eagerness and zeal. Creativity demonstrated by the body of Christ in reaching out was remarkable. There were chains of activities arraigned as the whole body reached out to a lost and dying world together.

Pastor Wilson Owala - Joyous Celebration Center

The journey began by training of our church members on 3 steps evangelism. Our church is fairly small and growing it has been our desire. On 28th May 2016 a team of church members assembled for evangelism. We had set a strategy where members shall knock doors of house around Lenana School area where the church is located. The result is that we were able to harvest 40 souls for the kingdom, now the next step is growing them in the faith. G.O.D. was quite a boost and a timely strategy.

Youth Street Evangelism for the Nairobi Youth

The day attracted some youths from key youth organization and renowned media personalities. The gathering sport was Bata Hilton where young guys gathered to pray and map out strategy on how to evangelize the central business district Area of Nairobi. The youths were divided into three groups to reach out to three zones, and later finished with prayer walks, evaluation and prayer before having refreshments and departure. About 5,000 people received the message of The Gospel, and 50 people got saved.

The youths have made a resolve of having an Outreach activity every last Saturday of the month.

Kodiaga Prison - Kisumu

The team reached out to about 3,000 inmates with the 3 steps approach. The motivation and conviction released was great as it encouraged the ones that had already been in the faith and at least 57 new converts joined the fold.

Youth Rally at Nakuru Njoro

The colleges represented included Egerton University, Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology (RUIST), TRACOM College amongst other smaller colleges in the area. About 1,500 youths were reached with the message of the Gospel, and 26 out them made a decision to believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Muthurwa, OTC, Gikomba Evangelism by House of Bread Deliverance Church

The above mentioned areas are highly populated in that they are extremely busy in terms of business. The area has a big bus terminus for people arriving and leaving Nairobi for rural places. Different types of products are sold causing a high influx of people. House of Bread and other churches in the area combined efforts in reaching this constituent area. The impact made was remarkable and at the end of it all 7000people were reached, and 120people got saved.

The events did not stop on May 28th, as members have still been going out on weekends to minister. 25 people got born again in a bus, and 3 other in an eatery.

Nakuru Report

During Pastors Conference in Nakuru, 2000 Pastors were sent out by the EAK Chairperson Bishop Mark Kariuki to minister and each brought about to 3 people to the Lord giving a rough total of about 7,000 people accepting the Lord as savior.

Siaya County

We had a very wonderful time ministering on the Global Outreach Day. Below is the report that we captured so far:

1.Uranga Sub County, Siaya : At least 75 Souls were reached. 36 committed their lives to Christ and have joined different churches. The rest are being followed up. This is the report from the Chairman of Pastors Fellowship, Pst. Francis.

2. Gem Sub County, Siaya : A total of 80 people were reached. A good number of them received Jesus, 15 of them are in different churches. Report from the Pastor's Coordinator Bsp. Arara.

3. From Ukwala Sub County, Siaya : A good number of people were reached. 4 people have been confirmed having joined churches, as reported by the Pastor's Sub County Coordinator Rev William Otieno.

4. In Siaya Sub County, Skills for Living Church, The Youth Pastor Lawrence Sande reached out to many people. 2 people have joined the church.

A total of 10,000 people all across Siaya were reached and so far it is reported that 215 people received the Lord as Lord. Those that are already in the churches are 87. The rest are being followed up.

Mombasa, Mikindani Crusade

Several churches combined efforts and held a crusade in this highly Islamic area and 7 people got saved in the process. Indeed the power of God pulled people from their houses as ministry went on. Through one on one sharing 2 more people got saved. Indeed the word of God has unlimited power to accomplish great things.

Mzambarauni Area, Mtwapa Kilifi County by Pastor David Malova, Mombasa Pentecostal Church

We targeted residents of Mtwapa residents and glad to harvest two souls one being Muslim. Though we experienced some resistance, we are glad for the experience and the ministry of the Holy Spirit who is at work through the harvesters who yield to the call to witness for Christ. I request the church to continue praying for Muslims that they will be open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Scott University trained their Christian Union leaders on 3 steps evangelism and prepared them for Global Outreach Day. 10 people got born again through one-on-one evangelism.

University of Nairobi Kabete Campus

20 people got born again through one-on-one evangelism in hostels conducted by students.


A creative approach was used where the church targeted the Sudanese community which was invited to church and as per need they were taken through empowerment training as a gesture of love. Others were released to share Christ’s love in their fellowships.

The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG)

RCCG and the G.O.D. team ministered the Gospel at Mbagathi Hospital, Kenyatta market, and the prowling Kibera slums. A very encouraging number people in total got born again in the process and about 30,000 lives or more were positively impacted. It was a glorious day seeing Bishop Prince Obasi-Ike in action together with his team in the streets sharing the Gospel.

Bahati Medical Camp - Bishop Silas Musyoka

A medical camp to demonstrate Christ’s love to the Bahati community and coordinated by a Christian team was conducted. About 3,000 people were reached and decisions made were 100 people receiving the gift of salvation in the process.

Umoja Outreach as organized by Nairobi County Fellowship

One-on-one, door to door, road show, bus ride, fire conference and crusade.

Reverend Bonyface Nyangolo – Buruburu Community Center Church of God

The reality is that evangelism in our church was completely dead. The burden of reaching out was totally out. We thank God for Global Outreach Day that got evangelism in our church back on its wheels again. A good number of our church went through the training and also participated in the 28th May outreach which saw 16 adults accepted Jesus as Lord and savior. We prayed over the sick. Various challenges especially domestic were shared, and people who had completely lost hope were restored back through the power of the Gospel.

We want as a church to make evangelism an ongoing activity and towards that we have already set training on Saturday 11th June as from 9am to 2pm.

Pastor Joseph Owuor – Mountain of God Evangelism and deliverance Ministry

There is no better way to open people towards evangelism than through Global Outreach day. My experience…in the slum area where I minister, not many people knew that such a day existed until towards 28th May activities. The fact that such a day existed really enthused them and they were out on that day sharing the word with lots of excitement. We need to put lots of emphasis on awareness next time for even much greater impact.

Pastor Okeno – Jesus Celebration Center Vihiga

We did our initiative at Church level. We had seven groups to conduct outreach in different localities; the area of focus was Majengo town at its environs. The strategy was house to house – one-on-one approach. Roughly about 70 households were reached in the process. 100 people accepted Jesus as Lord within the localities mentioned.

Bishop Ludecky, EAK Vihiga County Secretary

Global Outreach Day was quite a boost to the many churches in Vihiga. It was such an experience that many people had missed for a while. An approach of open meetings, one-on-one, and later show of the

Jesus film were to be embraced in five regions of Vihiga County. In Word of Faith Church-Vihiga 40 people got saved.

Christ is The Answer Ministry (CITAM)

Five assemblies name Valley rd, Buruburu, Thika rd, Woodley and Eldoret participated strongly in G.O.D. activities. Pastors met congregants, shared on tips of evangelism and sent out whole churches to shopping centers and neighbor-hoods to share the Gospel.

Bishop Lucia Kageni – EAK Nairobi

28th May was a defining day for our Ministry. We divided our team of members into five smaller groups and gave them charge to reach out to the seven estates and slums around Kayole. In estates, mostly children are the ones that got persuaded and got born again, and in slums the highest number of people that got born again were women. We give God all the glory for the good results on G.O.D.


The energy and zeal displayed during Global outreach Day was remarkable. There was synergy and great coordination at all levels. We thank God for all the people that were reached through different groups and strategies employed. Our desire is that God keeps making the seed that was planted to keep growing in their hearts up to a point of believing.